MMA in Columbus, OH on Jan 17???

I think Dan Swift said that he's defending his title at an event in Columbus on Jan 17th... any idea where at in Columbus? What's the name of the event and who's running it?



The promoter hasn't sent me the exact address but he did say that it was at the Franklin County Fairgrounds. The show is called Extreme Combat Challenge. I will get the details today and post it for you guys.


Back to fighting amateur, Swift?

If that is what you call it in Ohio,lol.

Gipjoint, the promoters are Mike and Kristi Bowersock.
Very nice people and well-run events. Mike asked me to
come down and fight on the 17th but i won't be able to
make this one, he told me he's having another in
March sometime.

Dan, who you fighting in this show? I'd like to see
you and that wrestler you fought a few months ago in
a NHB match.


I will be fighting Stoney Dennis from 4 seasons.

I don't know if that wrestler is the same weight as me. I thought he was quite a bit bigger then me. Did you see that match? I thought i won. I had him in no many submissions. He never had me in trouble once. I was surprised at the decision.

He did look heavier than you, and i did think you
won if it was being judged by agressiveness and
attempted submissions. All he was doing was defending
your subs. He did look stronger than you however. I
guess you've figured out that i was there eh? lol

swiftnhbfighter are you fighting Stinnie Dennis in March. Stonnie is my best buddy. I will have to call him tommorow. Stonnie is a stud! This will be a good fight.....Joe Jordan