MMA in East TN

I was wondering what is the most reputable place to train MMA in the Knoxville area.

Where have the most legit fighters come out of?

Who is the best instructor?
Any info would be great.


Helio Soneca if your anywhere near TN.

I have heard he is affiliated with Jack Bartarini's Karate, but he doesn't actually train anybody there...
I have heard of the bjj program there, but I haven't heard anything about mma.

Casey Oxidine is in Johnson City. He's very good and a good trainer as well

I actually live in West Knoxville, but I am willing to drive a reasonable distance if necessary.

"Casey Oxidine is in Johnson City. He's very good and a good trainer as well"

Thats around two hours from here. Unfortunately that is a bit too far.

I have a school that teaches MMA out of the farragut YMCA. We've been there since the start of the year. Here's our website If you've got any questions or comments let me know.

check out Josh Cate's school, Kaos is the name. i believe he has a website.

Josh Cate's school (Kaos MMA) is near the West Town Mall on Downtown West. Next door to Ken Pai of Tokyo. The building is called Premier Martial Arts. It's a BJJ/MMA school under Helio Soneca (BJJ) and Hermes Franca (MMA). They both give seminars on a pretty regular basis with all kinds of visitors that are associated with Premier. MWSa (MMA 6-7 beg 7-9:30 adv) TTh (7-8 Kickboxing) (8-9 BJJ gi) He also has class during the day, but I can't go so I don't know the schedule.

Several students have fought in amateur shows. The school has some very tough guys. I'll be there tonight and most every night.

Josh is a great instructor, cares about his students and know a ton about MMA/BJJ.

Jesse Ward

There is a Pedro Sauer affiliate school in Knoxville. I know they train mma there. Check for the number.