MMA in Finland?

Where does one learn MMA in Helsinki? What are the prices and what is the atmosphere like? Thanks!

Such well known people like Mika Ilmen and Jussi Tammelin train in Helsinki. Alliance gym, I think. Haven't been there myself, but they seem to have good guys...

cool, where is it located.

ttt for more info! Thx Viking.

There is a new MMA-gym (GB-Gym)opening shortly in Helsinki, Arabianranta. It will be run by Mika Ilmen and bunch of other Finlands MMA-veterans. The gym is going to be quite large (480 square meters) and they will focus on nhb, submission wrestling and standup fighting (boxing, kickboxing and muay thai). They are fixing the place at the moment but training is scheduled to start some time in february. Half years training costs 175 euros and full year 300 euros. We at Alliance Helsinki will focus mostly on what we know best and that is BJJ and submission wrestling (our shooto instructor will move to GB-gym). You can contact Mika by email for more questions on the gym at

Good luck with the new gym :-) I still have that nice scar in my face after Mika's punch ;-)

aah, that's what I'm looking for. Thank you.