MMA in Lexington, KY

Are there any good schools?

...ask Bogart6868

4seasons united martial arts

Performance Edge Martial Arts


4 seasons is one hell of a good school

MIke ODonnell i9s a Brown belt under Carlson Jr., and one hell of a fighter. You will also get top quality boxing since a 2x world champ trains people there. He has a student who teaches the boxing class, Aaron Basil. Then, on top of that, there are some pretty good wreslers as well.

ttt for 4S


The guys at Performance Edge are top notch in my book and a pleasure to be around....

ttt for Aaron Little

Thanks for the support Robert.

OK, I'll check out both schools once I get there. Thanks guys.

El Maquina.. both schools are drastically different in curriculum and attitudes.. it would be in your best interest to try them both and pick a place to train afterwards..

are you moving to Lexington? or just looking for a temp spot to work out?

bogart, I'm moving there.