MMA in Maine?

Any places to train around Brunswick or Portland? Just got stationed here. Good for outdoor type stuff and im right beside the gym, but theres not too much to do around here I guess. I'll take anything, boxing, judo, bjj, muay thai. Anyone know any good places..or any places for that matter around the Brunswick, Portland, Augusta area? Or even New Hampshire since im pretty close to it. Thankyou in advance.


Wrestling? Submission wrestling? Anything? Theres gotta be a boxing gym around here somewhere, atleast. I dont have internet access yet, im posting from work right now, and Im not really supposed to be, so its a little hard for me to look.

Joey, if your interest is MMA then hands down the best place to go is Jay Jack's in Portland. Aaron Blake is a BJJ BB under Joe Moreira and he has a BJJ school in Boothbay Harbor, which isn't too far from you as well. Both good schools with great coaches.

Thanks man, ill look into it when I have more time. TTT.

Do they have a website by any chance?

Their Site