MMA in movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith

There is a part in the movie where Brad Pitt is practicing mma in a cage and while talking to Vince Vaughn gets caught in an arm bar. I just thought it was pretty cool to see it in a big time movie.

I think Brad Pitt took some BJJ lessons for a bit.

ttt for Brad Pitt in the UFC

Brad was training in BJJ back before he did Fight club. I believe for a short time, maybe three months.

I thought the same- very cool to see.

Yeah, I made a post about this a few days ago, and some jerkoff had to jump on and say some stupid comments.

Did you also happen to notice the glove, they were Ouano/UFC gloves. Brad was also working some wrestling and using the Muay Thai clinch with some knees in there.

Only correction to make was that it was in a ring, not a cage.

Good movie either way though.

yeah at the start of the scene when they were just doign standup i thought it was cool to see them in MMA gloves. Then when it actually went to the ground and he got armbarred i thought it was awesome .

If you caught Blade:Trinity...Ryan Reynolds catches Triple H in an arm bar also.