MMA In Nebraska

Does anyone here know the deal with MMA in Nebraska.

I've heard that its up to each city whether or not fights are legal. Does anyone know if MMA is leagle in Kaerne?

I assume that you mean Kearney???

The only way that MMA fights can happen in Nebraska anymore is if the venue makes under 25% of the profit on alcohol sales (if I am not mistaken).

I guess they came to the conclusion that alcohol and MMA fights do not mix well and wussed out.

Omaha used to have tons of fights, but now we pretty much have to go to Council Bluffs, Iowa for good fights now..... :-(

There is no sanctioning body, therefore there is no legal grounds either way. However, Lincoln (capital city) has outlawed MMA, and every other city west of Omaha has followed the leader.

It almost came to a close in Omaha as well, until yours truely saved the day.

Also, all of this trouble can be traced to a 10 pound of shit stuffed into a 5 pound bag promoter named Chad Mason.

mayiwhoopu - that 25% law is only in Omaha. I actually wrote it.

I fought in a bar called Bourbon Street in Omaha a few years back. You could just sign a waiver, put on the gloves and go. They let one obviously drunk and untrained guy out of the crowd fight, and he got mauled. He got put in an armbar, wouldn't tap, and the other guy sat up and started dropping hammerfists on the guy's face.

I can't help but feel that this is the kind of thing that contributed to Nebraska's current anti-MMA climate.

Damn, it sounds like things are shakey in Nebraska.

Thanks for the info.

Anybody know about Kearney specifically?

I run an amatuer MMA show in Council BLuffs which is one the Iowa side, real close to omaha.

We are working on it here in North Platte it's going great, just trying to bring up the right way as a sport.

The town of North Platte,Ne loves it, We will see soon.


I wrote a letter to the Omaha World Herald advocating MMA that got published a few years ago.

I basically stated that it is safer to put drunken brawlers in the ring than in the streets.

I also emphasized that MMA allows takedowns that can help you avoid taking heavy shots like boxers do.

Jay, you are not only a law writer, but you are also the reigning 'Drunk guy of the night' on the radio... :-)

You moving to Nebraska Jeff?

"You moving to Nebraska Jeff?"

You never know . . .

mayiwhoopu - holy shit, you heard that? That was like three years ago!