MMA in Norcal on 9/8. West Coast Fighting III

West Coast Fighting Championship III "Resolution is this Saturday September 8th at The Yuba-Sutter Fairgrounds in Yuba City, CA.

In this fight from our last event, Nick Christy took on DJ Roberson in a welterweight bout. Both men are back in action on Saturday.

 In this fight, Andre "The Fury Fili" who fights this friday at Tachi Palace Fights takes on Jesse Bowen for The West Coast fighting Championship Featherweight Belt.

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Thanks guys.

Awesome baby.I had the hardest time figuring out who was going to win.The 8-1 guy or the guy that was 8-6. 

TTT for the matchmaker with remarkable skills.


 Kingfanpaul- Thank You

Crowbar - Thanks. Not too many guys lining up to fight guys that are 8-1. Bowen asked for the Fili fight and got it. Did the fight go the way you thought it would yeah. Andre Fili is super tough. We expect you'll be hearing more about him soon.