MMA in Northern KY on May 29th!!!

MMA is returning to Northern Kentucky!!!

On Saturday May 29th, Holmes High School in Covington, KY will be the 'battleground' for some exciting MMA ACTION!

The athletes on this card range from "First Time" fighters to "King of the Cage" Vets! You will not want to miss the action!

Here is the current Fight Card:


Dustin Hazlett (Ground Zero) vs. Edwin Levign

Bill Dexter (Advanced BKJ) vs. Tim Norman

Adam Rivera (Tiger's Lair) vs. Jeremy Lanville

Mike Johns (Cincinnati MMA) vs. Thomas Bacon

Jason Dent (GriffonRawl Gym) vs. Henry Barid

Mike Wells (Ground Zero) vs. Tierre Hall (Black Dragon)

Jamie Tony (Ground Zero) vs. Lance Freimuth

Josh Cooper (Advanced BKJ) vs. Chris Levign

Chris Wells (Jorge Gurgel) vs. Steve Neal (Tiger's Lair)

Josh Souder (Jorge Gurgel) vs. Mike Russo (GriffonRawl Gym)



Holmes High School

2500 Madision Ave.

Covington, KY

* The doors OPEN at 6:30pm, FIGHTS start at 7:30pm!!!

* All Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at the door.


If you need more information in regards to this show (directions to the location, tickets info. ect), please contact:

Adam Brown



TTT-looks like a great card






gzbull: If I'm not mistaken isn't both Ground Zero and Advanced BKJ schools in WV? I remember a thread about that a couple weeks ago. Just wondering if the opponents of Ground Zero or Advanced BKJ in this show have ANY wins in MMA?

Tierre Hall - Isn't he 0-4 or something? It looks like all of his losses have came at the fists of Ground Zero or Advanced BKJ fighters. And it looks like the defeat was always in a minute or something. Something about that doesn't sound right. I may be wrong and I'm not trying to slam the show or anything, but I have talked to a couple people who pointed this out to me so I thought I'd have the balls to ask LOL

ttt for mma in KY!





This is gonna be a great event I wouldn't miss it for anything. Havoc Fight Gear will be in the HOUSE! I second the "MMA IN Kentucky" Tim. What's up?


ttt.. see you this weekend "FIGHT"

ttt for JOSH SOUDER. he's a tough MF.


They are both in WV, but are different teams.

As for weather or not the fighters have MMA Wins, well it seems you have down your homework, so why do you ask? But, let me do it for you:


Dustin Hazlett (0-0) vs. Edwin Levign (0-0)

Mike Wells (1-1) vs. Tierre Hall (0-4)

Jamie Tony (1-1) vs. Lance Freimuth (1-1)

Josh Souder (4-2) vs. Mike Russo (3-2)

Does not look TOO UNFAIR to me!!! So lets close that point!!!


As for Tierre Hall, you should make sure you dig a little deeper, as his 4 fights (losses) have been to 4 different teams:

Forrest Petz (Shoot wrestling)

Steven Neal (Tiger Lair)

Josh Souder (Team Ground Zero)

Billy Ayash (Advanced BKJ)

As for his next fight, YES, it is against Mike Wells, a member of Team Ground Zero. But, what you are not pointing out is that Tierre Hall knows very well who he is fighting and who he trains with. I ALWAYS give all vital information to fighters that participate in the shows in which I am a part of. No one is forcing him to take any fight. So why don't you come to the show and ask him your self as to why he accepted the fight before you come on here and try to criticize my "Match Making". I see you are new the UG, so why don't you ask around about my credibility, honesty, & integrity in regards to our sport before you point the finger about "questionable fights"! I have NEVER given my team mates easy fights. What is the point, as it does them no good to build a PHAT RECORD and get offered a good fight if they can not take care of business aginst guys at that level!

I have an idea, why dot you fight on the next card and I will match you aginst someone with like expirence. That way you will know what all I do behind the sceans of these events!

If you feel the need to question any of my other know where to find me to ask...

Dustin Ware

PLEASE TTT for DaShiznitMMA to see


Even though I do not feel I need to defend myself, I will do so. I almost forgot to add the matches for Advanced BKJ guys:

Bill Dexter (3-0) vs. Tim Norman (1-3)

* Please note that Tim was an Olympic cliber TKD guy!

Josh Cooper (1-0) vs. Chris Levign (0-0)

Dustin Ware

Dutsin Ware is always on the level. you can ask anyone he has ever worked with that hes is always fair and honest

Thanks Patrick!


I call him "Honest" Dustin