MMA in Ontario being illegal needs a documentary

Just wondering if any of the peoople who are trying to get MMA in Ontarion legalized have thought of putting together a documentary.I'm sure it would be a quick sell to the sports networks and would be great to get out and educate the general public to the reasons and "PERSON" who is now allowing MMA to happen in Ontario.

Most of the people I talk to don't understand why all the other provinces have it and not Ontario.

I believe we have some good people working on TRYING TO GET mma sanctioned and possiblly this would be another tool that could be used.Obviouslly there would have to be some kind of sponsorship to create the funds needed.Worst case scenerio is More people will realize Hayashi is a dick.

Anyways I figure this has already went thru Antico and showdowns heads and wanted to see if this was a viable option.

I would love to see it.

I know, actually I'm pretty sure CBC ran something awhile back and spoke to both Marco and Joe...someone correct me if I'm wrong...but you are definitely right, something else should be put together...Joe can do it in his 'spare' time.