mma in salt lake city?

I will be traveling to SLC on jan 16th and would like to see some brutality that weekend. Is there any mma shows there and if so when, where, and a website? please also everyone have a nice Christmas. .


check out Pedro Sauers school.. They do have some MT classes and other things besides the BJJ programs.

Why not start a fight with a bunch of Mormons?


Shut the fuck up Schmadeke... idiot.

Bum fights?

if you want to watch "brutality", you either have to catch a low-level mma show or a boxing match.

Thanks everyone I had heard that they have a show there quite often, lookws like I was wrong. Have a nice Christmas.

The have a show every weekend but the fights are so damn terrible it is hardly worth watching. The fighters are almost all very unskilled (there have been a few trained fighters) and the show is poorly run. I personaly think it is a mere matter of time before this show lets some poor sap who doesn't know what he is getting himself into to get hurt badly.

Thaqnkyou that is what I was looking for. I had heard from a friend in SLC but did not know if it was worth seeing. I'll save my time and money

rjr is correct. The sad thing is there are some very skilled people here in SLC, a few boxing gyms with decent fighters, Pedro Sauer has some very talented students and yet the fighters they find are terrible. Occasionally there are fights between skilled guys but for the most part it's untrained people.


rjr and NoPlacebo are correct, its not even worth watching when you're sitting around bored, i dont know why the really good utah guys arent in it often, cause i know they're around.