MMA in Saskatchewan

There's a mission for MMA in Saskatchewan

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cool video

Big Rig

Cool, very well done!


TTT Phone Post

ttt Phone Post

awesome video but who is that fatty in the triumph shirt?



Wow, I feel bad for that guy who didn't tap. Did you see that elbow?

For an amateur fight even. I feel bad for that whole team, his coach is useless. They need to dicth him and go to one of the real mma clubs in Winnipeg.

Hey that could have happen to anyone!! the kid showed heart and was trying his best to escape.

Go easy Sean!

Ill be nice. Sorry AJ.

Actually, AJ, can you PM me your contact info? A friend of mine is a garduate from Journalism school(a long time ago) and sort of specializes in PR work. She loves Muay Thai and MMA and is very interested in the struggle that you guys are going through to get things legalized here.

I am trying to put her in touch with all of the RELEVANT people in Sask. She may be able to help.


Excellent video, Dez comes across very well. Thanks AJ!

chinaski - Excellent video, Dez comes across very well. Thanks AJ!

Don't forget to mention the O-Face he has prior to hitting play on the video. Halarity at its best.