MMA in Savage, MN.

Come and see the last show for a few months, until the commission thing gets up and running we will be on leave until the proper hoops are jumped.

Sat. June 16th, go to

MN kid, come on in sunday for a free white gi.

thanks for all the support


Depending on how late the Kenny Kost victory party goes on Friday, I might be heading to Savage on Saturday to see some MMA action.

I'll be there.

As will I

You aren't welcome.

I'll be working security in my new gi... You're out, Clark.


ttt for gi security

I'm the matress mac, I've got a king size matress thats good for your back.

Six hours untill the "BIG" mma announcement at Roy Wilkins.

9 hours til its all over the UG

that announcement is going to be huge.


Anyone that wants to hear the big news can call this number around 11:30 tonight.


I'll probably answer.