MMA in some pretty major 2010 films

Not necessarily blockbusters, but in 2010 I saw a few films with prominent MMA faces.

6/1//2010 A-team - Rampage, we all know the story

7/7/2010 Predators - a reboot of the franchise with Oleg Taktarov a part of the film.

8/20/2010 The Expendables - a film with Stallone, Willis, Jet Li, Arnold, Lundgren, Statham, Rourke, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Also includes Couture and both Nogueira brothers.

Bas Rutten is in the Zookeeper.

I made a thread about it...

Unless I hear something good, I'll catch 'em on HBO down the road. Way too many fights to watch rather than fighters in dumb shit. Way too high probability of a level of sucking so much that it actually angers you to look forward to as well.