MMA in Sweetwater,TN JULY 29&30

''Valley Of Fire 4''    MMA & Muay Thai

July 29 & 30 , 2005   @ 8:30 pm  @The National Guard Amory

             Sweetwater , Tennessee

4 man tournaments . In both MMA and Muay Thai.

Single matches also. 6 weight divisions. Men-Women-Teens.

All will be matched according to experience. Novice divisions for

beginners. These fights are all strictly AMATEUR.

All tournament fighters MUST  register by phone absolutely no later

than  3:00 pm Tuesday , July 26 !!!!!  No exceptions!!!!

Single match fighters , may call through Thursday .

The number is 1-800-870-3682 . Call 9:00 am till 9:00 pm

Mon.thru Sat. !  2:00 pm till 9:00 pm on Sunday !



Sorry I forgot this. If you would like more information and to see our

poster and last months fights that were on the Saturday night card,

then go to    WWW.GROUNDNPOUND.ORG  and then go to the

bottom of page to the archives section and there it will be.



Hey WHo is BigL????

Where is the armory? We came last time at the school and there was NO PARKING so we left.

brad hatcher

I am.

And I have heard of you but I still won't hold that against you.

The Armory is on highway 68 between Madisonville and

Sweetwater. It is on the left , about a half mile before you get

to Sweetwater if you're coming from Madisonville and 411.

Let me know what day you will be there and I'll reserve you a

parking spot with your name on it in front of  the front entrance to the


I was just wondering who you were??? I will be coming on Sat but you really do not have to reserve a place me.


I appreciate that. Just ask for me and I'll talk to you there then. Also tell me how many seats you need and I will reserve them front row for you.

I should need about 4 seat, thanks!!

reserved seats and parking , no problem.


Thanks BigL Who are you?????????




What were the results from this past weekend? How are you able to have MMA fights with the Tennessee Laws?

Hey Spider give me a email and I'll tell you about the show