MMA in the City of Vernon, BC

The idea of sanctioning Mixed Martial Arts and other combative events in Vernon was first proposed to City Council in May 2004.

Some of the City councillors advocated against same but others were cautiously interested. They passed the responsibility to a committee to make a recommendation who had Jason Darrah jump through numerous hoops over numerous months - primarily gathering and reporting of information. That committee recommended that the Commission proceed as proposed.

The City then decided to take over the role of the delegated committee and had Mr. Darrah jump through numerous hoops over numerous months.

Finally the Commission was officially formed in December 2005 and by early 2006 the Commission had created its Rules and Regulations with regard to fighting competitions- subject only the adoption of same by City Council.

Council has now approved those recommendations clearing the way for such events to start taking place.

Starting tomorrow morning (Aug 3, 2006) the Athletic Commission will be accepting applications for the sanctioning of MMA promotions.

Kyle D. Watts
Chairman, Vernon Athletic Commission

Thanks for the post and props Kyle it is finally complete. I put alot of work into having MMA come back to Vernon and am happy that the community will once again see MMA back in full force. There will be an announcement shortly that will have the whole Okanagan excited about MMA's return.

Jason Darrah


Congratulation Jason! It was nice to meet you at the NFC.

YESSS!!!! Finally.... MMA back in the Okanagan!

this is great news!


Great News! Great work Jason, and good move Vernon!



oh joy!!


Good news!

The Commission has now approved a date for an MMA event in Vernon.

Kyle D. Watts
Chairman, Vernon Athletic Commission

ttt for details

I am confident details will be forthcoming -direct from the promoter.


do u know the promoter or anything about this card?

King of the Cage CANADA is proud to announce that it has been granted the first promoters license issued by the newly formed Vernon Athletic Commission.

King of the Cage OCTOBER 6th at the Vernon Multiplex.

Stay tuned as fights are made...

Bill 'The Butcher' Mahood

KOTC Canada Match Maker if you want to fight!!!!!

thats amazing!!


Vernon is ready to ROCK!!

Seems like forever, and we couldn't say anything. Bill will have fight news soon, but I can tell you this. It will have a world title fight on it.

Alliance says Hooya!

It's about f###ing time! :) Thanks to all who made this possible.