MMA in the Olympics?

JacketWrestler with a great idea.....(not taking credit for this)

Jacketwrestler brought up a very interesting point....Could MMA flourish in the Olympics?


Any thoughts UG?

We all love MMA, but Lets be realistic here.
MMA chances being in Olympics are about as big as Bull riding being in Olympics.

Keep dreaming buddy

sorry, but bull riding has a much better chance than MMA. If you know anything at all about the Olympics and how it works, MMA has NO CHANCE, zero, zip, NONE

MMA's chances on being in the olympics... hmph..

lets see.. i just got a NGB renewal for USA Judo and it came with a questionaire from the USOC.. they asked what sports id like to see in the Games, if any.


hell, TKD is not even going to get in as a full sport in 2008 Beijing.

MMA is laughable as an olympic sport. so is sport BJJ.

Unfortunately for us MMA will not be an olympic sport.

Amazingly enough tho Pankration was one of the first Olympic sports and also one of the most popular. I believe it was even done closed fisted unlike the pancrase of the early 90's that we know so well.

Knowing this, it means that MMA technically has already been an olympic sport.

If only they would bring it back.

I'm an optimist....maybe by 2084 MMA will be an Olympic sport :)

MMA has as BenStark pointed out been an olympic sport, also one of the more popular ones. It is a shame that it is such of a problem for one of the original sports to get back in the olympics.

Just wondering...

Is there anything stopping a jiu-jitsu guy from making an olympic judo team? Does s/he have to be a black belt from a recognized judo organization?

Once again I'm just curious.

maybe pankration style type of fights might make strikes to the head and that kind of stuff...

DaNewf... whar would stop a BJJ person from making an olympic judo team....?

you mean besides NOT KNOWING JUDO??? nothing.

then again, the only thing that stops me from being a plastic surgeon is not going to school for it.

Now these are classic Resnick's. I love this guy.

In answer No. The chances of another contact sport making it into the
Olympics any time soon is quite low. I have served on committees that
have discussed this issue and it has nothing to do with desire, but
everything with very powerful stupid sports. Damn ballroom dancing
almost made it in. This is what they are considering for money making
purposes. Judo is the 4th or 5th most participated in the Olmpic Games
- hard to get rid of something powerful (212 countries - Judo 187).
What would an MMAer or BJJer from making it? I defer to Resnick's
response, other then stating that people like Karo and David Camarillo
were contenders and still could be if they chose to be again, butit won't
be easy.

If you try and go for it - good luck and I will see you on the mat, but
you better be doing Judo or you'll be getting nailed with penalites. I am
fair but I am strict on the rules.


SteinerWear: I think you should try to get this done. I wish you best of luck!


But seriously - yeah, right!

NO  ... and it should stay that way

"maybe pankration style type of fights might make strikes to the head and that kind of stuff..."

I think real pankration was more brutal than todays MMA, and they did do headstrikes for sure.

Only way it happens is as a host country exhibition event. Not many countries would choose MMA as their exhibition sport. Perhaps Japan.

JoshuaResnick & USAJUDODAVE,

I should have been more specific. Obviously if you don't have the skills and athletic ability you'd get your ass handed to you at the trials. What I meant was do you have to have a certain belt level from a recognized dojo, school, team, whatever to even be considered? Is there some kind of international rule or does it differ from country to country?

Most other olympic sports do not have a belt ranking system. For that matter do you have to acheive a certain belt level from a recognized TKD school to try out for an olympic team?

I realize the way I worded my original question might have come off a little trollish. Sorry bout that.

Here is the deal guys. The IOC has said that the Olympics already has the maximum amount of sports that it is going to have. In order to get a new sport an existing sport would have to be removed, i.e. Tae Kwon Do.

There is a way around this though. If you can prove that your sport is a sub set of an existing sport that can be added. Thus, Beach Volleyball was introduced as a subset of Volleyball, and did not have to take the place of an existing sport.

So, if we could get the Judo folks to play ball, not likely, you could argue that BJJ is a subset of Judo, and get BJJ, with the gi in to the Olympics. Likewise if you could get the wrestling folks to play ball, you might be able to get no gi sub wrestling in. You might even be able to get Kickboxing in if the boxing folks did not hate the kickboxers so.

As for MMA in the Olympics... I don't think that you could classify it as anything other than MMA... It is a unique sport that can not be called a subset of anything. So if you can make a case that another sport, not a sport subset, like trampoline or synchronized diving, should be eliminated for the more popular and global sport of MMA, go for it.