MMA in the UK.

Hi I'm a very busy MMA referee in the UK. There are MMA shows just about every weekend over here now. If anyone wants to know anything about UK MMA ask away or just drop me an email.

Grant Waterman
The Ref'


Give Grant a green name

Give Kainer a green name as well, hardest working MMA PR guy in Europe.

Aren't Green names only for Fighters

Perhaps a custom title would be more appropriate



Grant, what is a maize bag and what's its use?


Grant is a fighter you're forgeting the infamous 11th fight at FCFN 1

Grant Waterman vs Mr Isle of Wright
Winner - Grant Waterman via KO (Flying Superman Punch)in about 10 sec

The UFC would be wise to give Grant the opportunity to referee some fights. I think you're ready, Grant.

Please Forgive me Grant, no offence intended

I'd like to see the UFC get the neccesary documents to ref in the state of Nedava. I think he would do a great job

I sent you an e-mail a few days ago asking about your event, me and other Norwegians are interested in competing in your events. Did you get the e-mail?


I've been watching that Cage Rage TV show from over there. It's a good show and that chick that hosts it is hot.




Grant, did you become a millionaire last weekend?