MMA in Vietnam!

From the desk of David Minetti



muay thai , kick boxing, traditional boxing and MMA at K1 BOXING CENTER

Learn boxing technique, kick and punch combinations, knees , elbows, clinch and fighting tactics.

Learn Shoots and take downs, learn defence and "The Guard Position", throws and leverage, striking skills, submission holds, fighting tactics, stance, and positioning.

Students are welcome to practice as many rounds as they like. The trainers will call students for one-on-one training, pad work, muay thai or boxing techniques, clinching, grappling, take-downs/shoots, and ground or muay thai sparring. You will never feel bored with the training regimen. The trainers alternate skills and drills that develop ceratin areas of the body. One session you may work on muay thai skills and the next session on submission holds.

As a fighter and guest, you will always be welcome to develop your own style and program that suits you. You can ask any of our trainers to help you develop certain skills, or you can join in the group training. Whatever your style of training, K1 BOXING CENTER will do whatever we can to help you get the training you want.

2 training a day:

Morning session: cardio training, conditioning and weight training (or muay thai and MMA training if you prefer!!)

Afternoon session: muay thai , grappling or MMA training .....

Every session starts by a warm up like skipping rope , shadow boxing ,conditioning ,stretching......ect !

And finish by stretching and relaxation.


You can have a private class with David "serial striker "MINETTI .

He's a famous muay thai and MMA fighter, He's also French sporty educator and fitness trainer.


Training Fee's: <?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O />/O:P

                           - First training session free /O:P

                         - 10usd per session /O:P

                         - 75 usd per month for 2 training session/week. /O:P

                         - 90 usd per month for 3 training session/week. /O:P

                         - 100 usd per month for 6 training session/week. /O:P

                         - 120 usd per week for 2 training session/day, /O:P

                         6 days/week. /O:P

                         - 400 usd per month for 2 training session/day, /O:P

                         6 days/week /O:P


We have deal with 2 hotels near the K1 boxing center (350m far) /O:P

Single room, bathroom, air conditioned, TV and fridge: /O:P

-20 usd/night/O:P

-350 usd/3 weeks/O:P

-450 usd/month/O:P

Out activities:

We can arrange a lot of activities or trip to discover Vietnam :

Saigon (ho chi minh city) visit: war museum , ben thanh market, historic museum,pagoda,suoi tien park, Saigon water park,vietnameese massage.......

Thanh da river : seadoo , jet ski , ski nautique

Saigon by night : Vietnamese restaurants ,bar and discotheque...

Vung tao beach: swimming,fishing,seadoo,boat trip  ect.....

Cang gio : monkey and crocodile park, boat trip to the mangrove to visit viet cong camp.

Mui ne beach: fantastic resort on the beach with a lot of activities:

Diving,snorkelling,fishing,seadoo ,boat trip,sandline visit...........

Phu quoc island: welcome to the paradise , there is some very nice resort with a lot of activities: Diving,snorkelling,fishing,seadoo ,boat trip,island visit,south small island visit by boat ,biking........

There is some resort in a very wild place if you want to be near the nature.

  cat tien national park: come to discover vietnamese jungle , cat tien it's a famous tropical forest in can sleep in bungalow, at the guard headquarter or in the jungle.

Activities:crocodile lake,trekking 1,2 3 days,biking,minorities ethniques,camping

Details and booking:

+84 918 337 111