mma is the new hardcore...

so many shows, so many kids wearing naga/tapout/fcf

everyone is turning their mosh moves into cage fighting moves

its fucking hilarious

The sport did BLOW UP fast.

No idea what you are talking about

Walks into thread wearing tapout shirt & Sprawl beanie

Mean-mugs everyone

What's wrong with someone wearing MMA shirts out in public?

Would you say the same thing about someone wearing their favorite football team's jersey? What's the difference?

"Never seen anyone in public wearing a MMA shirt.

Eva... "

Me either. And frankly, I fear the day. Although I did find a FightSport mag in my the recycling bin at my condo complex last night (which is suprising because nearly all of the people living here are medical students or residents).

Im gonna get a tapout shirt and walk around in it, no one in the UK will know!

i haveonly ever seen 3 people in MMA clothing. 2 were at an event one walked pasted me in town.

Half my life is going to local punk shows, ive yet to see anyone with a
Tapout, FCF, etc shirt.

Now go to the mall and i count atleast 3 per trip. As opposed to 2 years
ago it was evry now and then.

In my opinion wearing Tapout is like wearing Hurley, Billabong...south
pole. Its just a brand, i dont wear it. Wearing a WAND shirt is different,
THAT is like your favorite band shirt or sports team. But Tapout is just a


If you saw someone wearing a boxing shirt would you think they are trying to act tough as well?

to me its better to wear tough guy mma clothing than a sports jersey with another mans name on the back like your the guys gf or something

When I see people wearing MMA clothing ussally just give them the nod, whats up. If they are trying the tough guy look i look at their ears to see if they got any cauliflower or wear and tear. Ears ussally is a telling factor. Unless they are huge bat wing looking ears then I know its just some nerdy internet kid who would rip my motherfuckin head off.

I seen a brand new SUV with a Punishment Athletics sticker on it.

This was in Bellingham,WA and there is maybe 1 mma style gym in town!

Naqis, did you read it?

What did you think?


This might be a Denver thing (where MMA's pretty entrenched) but I see MMA clothes and stickers all the time. I probably see 4-5 Tapout bumper stickers a month. Clothes aren't quite as common, but I still see a decent amount of BJJ shirts and FCF gear.
The fun thing is to go to an MMA show like the Ring of Fire. I think everyone decides they HAVE to wear their MMA shirts (2 sizes too small of course) to seem like a true fan.

I have a Tapout sticker on my laptop so my clients take fucking notice when i break it out for powerpoints

I live in San Diego. I ALWAYS see people wearing MMA shirts.

Lol just saw a dude at the mall wearing tapout he was a TUF noob could not help but laugh.I wore my sprawl shorts to the gym the other day because i went straight from work and they were in the car.Didnt see anyone look at me funny but who knos.

I love wearing my UFC shirt here in Germany. Most people don't have a clue what it means, and with the very few who actually do, you quickly get into a conversation about the sport.

I wear MMA tshirts all the time. Mostly to the gym, but occasionally when I'm out of normal tshirt I throw one on to go to the store in or something. Most of mine are events shirts. I have a few, like the XX shirt that says "Fighting Solves Everything" that I like to wear out. It's a nice black Tshirt.

I don't try to intimidate anybody, doubt I even could. I walk around at 170 and plan on fighting 155. Been training for about a year.

So from my point of view, I see nothing wrong with it. It's just a shirt I like to wear.