MMA is the winner out of these 'Boxing' matches

The more they happen, the more that MMA will be seen as the only alternative for fans of combat sports who want to see real, actual competition not fucking spectacles. Dana is probably laughing right now.

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I thought it was pretty weird to have a musical performance between Logan and Floyd’s walkout.

The PPV buys will say differently lol


It was the same nonsense for his brother’s gift with Askren. It’s just ‘look at the shiny shiny’ for people with a 2 sec attention span.

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Despacito is the most watched music video on Youtube and that is about as far away from ‘music’ as you can imagine.

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I don’t think Jake Paul stepping off the Disney set to KO UFC hall of famers is a win for mma lol

All combat sports are getting embarrassed by the Paul brothers

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We’re all winners as whether the fight was rigged or not, an exhibition or not, Floyd Mayweather not knocking out a bum youtuber who didn’t even beat a fellow bum youtuber, has just taken him out of any conversations regarding the best boxers of all time.

He’s destroyed his precious 50-0 legacy for a bum fight payday. And that’s fantastic stuff cause the guy is a cunt of the highest order

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Possibly the only correct line you’ll ever write. It’s embarrassing anyone in boxing or MMA who’s had more than 5 pro fights even shares a ring with them

I’m not sure honestly. All these MMA names being happy to lose in boxing for a payday is not a good look, Askren losing to a Youtube kid was a really bad look, Woodley losing to that same kid would be a terrible look. Jake Paul fanning the flames regarding UFC fighter pay has been quite embarrassing too.

But on the other hand, the fact that a lot of the biggest boxing matches these days are freakshows involving celebrities, MMA fighters, old as shit 90s boxers etc is making boxing look bad too.

You’re selling them way short. Especially Jake seems to actually train full time and is a multi millionaire with nothing else to worry about. Every MMA fighter I know has another job and coaches, and still doesn’t make a fraction of what slags in other sports do. No MMA fighters, BJJ competitors, or amateur wrestlers other than the top of the top really train full time.

I’m not selling Jake short, I think he might be capable, but until he fights and beats a boxer who’s 2/3-0 then he’s proven absolutely nothing. Every boxing fan respects a 0-2 fighter who’s got in there against other boxers more than they respect Jake Paul, and rightfully so, he’s done zero in a boxing ring