MMA Journalists?

What types of credentials do people usually have who cover events like the UFC or King of the Cage or even smaller local mma tournaments? I'm a journalism major and I'm wondering if there's any room for amateur/freelance journalists in this sport? What does it usually take to get your foot in the door?

If you've got a good knowledge of the sport, it will help. Just e-mail the guys over on sherdog or mmaweekly and ask them if they are looking for writers. You'll need to be willing to cover events. If you put the effort in, I think you can make it. But don't expect anything more than free passes to MMA shows for it.

Jump right in with both feet. Most of the writers at Sherdog do not get paid. But as the sport continues to rise, mainstream papers and websites will pick up MMA writers with experience.

Send me a writing sample.

Loretta Hunt
The Fight Network

loretta, when is the Fight Network going to air in the States?

there's tons of room for freelancers - especially in the less covered markets.

simply contact the publications you're interested in writing for and see what happens.

good luck

You might also want to check for local shows, then get in touch with the local papers in advance of the event and see if they're interested in coverage of the event or in a feature story about the event.

Long term, I'd suggest learning as much about the sport as possible beyond what happens in the ring. Learn about the business, and try to get to know as many people as possible. Anybody can cover an event. If you can break news, there will always be a job for you somewhere. I'm a journalist myself (not MMA), and from what I've learned along the way, the people who can break news and spot a story will get the jobs over the people who are only talented writers.

The Fight Network will be in the States sometime in 2007 - I'm sorry I don't have more specifics right now.

I was serious about the writing sample as well. I'd be happy to speak with anyone that wants to find out more about this side of the biz.

Having an actual educational background in journalism should already make you a better candidate than the majority of so-called MMA journalists out there.

Well I've been doing jiu jitsu for about 3 years. I also wrestled and I've trained under a few big names, not that I'm anything special though.

Loretta, thank you so much, email sent. And any information you can give me would be very much appreciated.


Look at Mike Sloan at Sherdog.

Anyone can write for MMA

^^^ Sad but true.

God, Mike Sloan is pathetic. His writing is as bad as Cretards. Infact, I think Cretard is infact Mike Sloan.