MMA Kryptonite: ACL Rupture & Reconstruction

What is three inches long, and is agonised over for an hour before 9 months of hellish labouring? Ask any of the individuals pictured above.

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a collection of two bundles of ligament tissue (collagenous fibres) which is one of the main stabilising forces acting on the human knee joint. The ligament runs from the top surface of the large shin bone (tibia) and moves upwards and backwards to its attachment on the thigh bone (femur). Its predominant function is to prevent excessive forward movement (anterior translation) of the tibia on the femur, and in turn stabilise the knee.

All Powers Physio Chris Tack reveals the sources and surgery for the common MMA injury that is the ACL rupture, in what is certainly FRAT-worthy, but very interesting.

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MMA Kryptonite Part 2: ACL Rehab is now up too guys.

Hope this is informative for some people, enjoy: