MMA Legalised in France!!!!!!!!!!!


MMA has been legalised in France.

We will be able to organise MMA fight in FRance and people will be able to train in it!!!!!!!!!!

Now the french fighters that alreaddy dominate Karaté, Judo, Muy Thai all over the world....are gonna be able to show the world their reel level in MMA.

It is a great day!!

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ps : Knee, Elbows and stomps are not allowed in French MMA...

But I do not really care. It will look like shooto and it is great!!

"this is an american forum so fuck off with that frog shit thirdleg "

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If so...this is great news -

savate is a legit striking art and savatuers could ktfo most of u losers.

savate vs muay thai match:

There are already quite a few French guys competing in MMA in Belgium & the Netherlands.

I hope Eurosport (broadcasting from France) will start broadcasting Pride, K1-mma and others again.

jujubre, do you have a link for the official news?

If this is true, it's certainly good news for all the folks who had to travel to other countries to compete.

Is hitting with pocketbooks allowed?

here is the links


and here are the new rules




"excellent news. france has some very tough fighters and it will be great for the sport to expand "


Thanks Leigh...I hope I will be able to see you soon fighting in some french MMA event!!


Great day for the sport. wonder will this affect Cage Rage's roster of French fighters?

Wow...i didn't know they were this close on this...good news.

Good news for French MMA.

Great news for French and also for whole european MMA. There is a vast talent pool for MMA in France.

Does this mean that Chez Riccio will get another visit from royce or rodrigo?

I would personally like to see the French make the Leotard mandatory in French MMA.

-Richard Simmons

congrats JJ

Cool news!

Excellent news!

No elbows or knees on the ground?
Oh well..
bonnes nouvelles!!

Should be huge!!