MMA Live Fighter Chat Q

Why is there not a send button for messages. I go there alot but cant post anything. can someone help?

ttt bastids.


you mean the mmaweekly live fighter chat? you just sign in your nickname & it should take you to the chat....

I probably didn't help you, sorry.

I do get to the chat and the box is there to type in what i want but there is no send button anywhere.

you just hit enter to send the message.

There isnt an enter button. Where on the screen is yours? I have looked over and over again.

hit enter on your keyboard genius. Christ almighty!

Christ Almighty can't find it either????

hmmm, I thought he knew everything.......

STINKIN GENIUS, I had to be told the same thing when I first went there, are you a blonde too? :)

I cant believe I am such an idiot. Thanks guys.

you're not an idiot. See ya there tomorrow! :)

Thanks! it worked but I got there late.