MMA look a like... A. Silva =

Akon. Anybody got some pics to compare?

KKM doesn't think so... anybody else?

 Anderson Silva

Roy Jones Jr. Akon.

BJM with the one and only...Steven Seagal. Hey it's true :)

Clay Guida & Buddy Ravel from 3 O'Clock High.

J-lau=batboy is cruel and unusual. However, if he changed his nickname to batboy, I would cheer for him in every fight.

LOL @ Batboy! (with all due respect to JLo)

batboy is just low on all accounts...


I forgot about that pic...

Chuck Liddell and that janitor in scrubs

According to Randy Couture:


Silva is definetly an Akon look alike.

Whiteand Pullman have the same smile.

"Silva is definetly an Akon look alike."

Finally! Thank you Respect...