MMA-May 12 (Hollywood!!!)

Pangea is coming soon!!

Hollywood CA.

May 12, 2006



Pangea Fight Enterprises has been created with the vision of bringing the world back together through Mixed Martial Arts. Pangea itself is an old theory that all of the continents were at one time connected together forming one large landmass (Pangea). Through continental drifts and earthquakes the landmass's separated apart into what we now know as Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas.


Our purpose here at Pangea is to not only spread (MMA), but to also education the general public about Mixed Martial Arts. The individuals that work with Pangea have all been hand picked to ensure the most professional and entertaining production possible. No politics, no bull. Just professionals performing at what they love to do best! 


We have entered the California market at this time due to the recent sanctioning and licensing of MMA this past January.  Our 1st event will be held on May 12,th 2006 at the Hollywood Palladium in Hollywood, California.  We are currently looking for fighters to fill the card.  Interested fighter should submit a full resume w/ photo (If possible), name and address of training facility, and personal contact information to:


Look for our website in the next few days!


 See you all in Hollywood on May 12th!


I have several fighters from Cali and elsewhere who would love to fight - let me know more info - you can e-mail me at

How much are tickets?

send an email to eddie bravo.

and he will get some guys who want to fight

Awsome man!!! Good luck.

Primo- Shoot me Marks contact info when you get a chance!

I got several fighters as well...

Thanks Ray I'll be in contact!

this is starting to come together and is sounding awesome

magdaleno the man.. TEAM CAIQUE