MMA Mental Podcast

I started a new Podcast about 6 months ago. I set up so me and my mate could talk MMA, but after a few weeks we decided to try and get guests on and since then we havent looked back. We have had some amazing guests.

Here is a list of guests we have interviewed.

Episode 1 and 2 - No Guests

Episode 3 Rob C4 Sinclair

Episode 4 James Doolan and Tom Watson

Episode 5 Warren Kee and Mark Glover

Episode 6 Tim Radcliffe and James Thompson

Episode 7 Avi Jack

Episode 8 Oli Thompson

Episode 9 No Guest

Episode 10 Spencer Hewitt and Neil Grove

Episode 11 Ian Butlin and Jimi Manawa

Episode 12 Rosi Sexton and Nick Denis

Episode 13 James Thompson

Episode 14 Ian McCall

Episode 15 Joanne Calderwood, Matt Brown and Ed Herman

Episode 16 Rob Sinclair, Vinc Pichel and Chris Leben

Episode 17 Che Mills, Joe Proctor and Bart Paleszewski

Episode 18 Vaughan Lee, Josh Webb, John Alessio, Pat Curran

Episode 19 Steven Siler, Marc Goddard and Josh Thomson

Episode 20 Ryan Couture

Episode 21 Lak Sekhon, Ken Stone, Andy Ogle, Tyron Woodley and Darren Uyenoyama

Episode 22 Renzo Gracie, Erik Koch, Mike Rhodes and Cole Miller

We also do a weekly round table show where we discuss the latest MMA news.