MMA Mount Rushmore

For Bustamonte bit to be included in a top 5 185# list tells me that those involved in that don’t know shit about mma

It’s top 4

Where does Ace rank?

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Fabrico beat two out of the three.

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Anyone that doesn’t have Murilo Bustamonte in their 185 Mount R doesn’t know shit about MMA

Bustamante? Are we talking about the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Mount Rushmore?

The 2nd ever UFC 185 champ

He was so well rounded and fought anyone no matter their size


Yep on that 170….except Woodley.

Unless you are just talking about UFC, that 185 MMA Mount Rushmore is definitely missing Rickson Gracie and probably Vanderlei for his Pride days and longevity.
Middleweight is just so stacked with all timers…Vitor, etc.
Anderson and Rickson are on there for me and then it would be a tough decision to pick the other two…

MW Mt Hushmore is staked.
Hendo must be oneof the 4
Anderson,Henderson, Belfort,(Wand/Israel

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Here is mine

Gerard Gordeau
Viacheslav Datsik
Gilbert Yvel
Dirty Bob Schrijber

Congratulations to Datsik for being the lone. On Dutch fighter to make my list

Honorary mention
John Hess

  • when the sport only had 2 rules, he managed to find a way to break both of them

This is a great list.

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Would never happen. He would get to the final selection and choke

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Ok Great