MMA needs more pro wrestling promos

Could you imagine how PPV buys would skyrocket if the top fighters had pro wrestling gimmicks and more mic time?

I could see Jon Jones being a goldmine with a Rick Rude style heel gimmick. Getting on the mic trashing all the inferior physical specimens in the audience.

"I just want all you ladies in the audience tonight to see how a REAL MAN performs!"

- Jon Jones prior to Gustaffson rematch

"Victory or Valhalla!!!"

- Gustaffson entrance in Viking costume with a lot more cheers thanks to heel Jones promo buildup Phone Post 3.0

You think pro wrestling gets huge numbers? Phone Post 3.0

WWE does pretty well Phone Post 3.0

Serious question here.  What would happen if the WWE kept the same design, but started doing real mma fights in the ring.  So all the drama, storylines, acting, costumes, etc is the same, but just when they get in the ring, it's real MMA perhaps with some rule tweeks like pancrase.  Could an organization like that draw fans, grow and be taken seriously as a fighting sport?

I think the closest comparison to that would be Pride. I am admittedly not too hip on Japanese Pro Wrestling but I know guys like Barnett made appearances on their shows and were popular. Phone Post 3.0