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We've got a five-page long breakdown of Zuffa's business history with the UFC, featuring:
-- Three good things Zuffa has done for UFC
-- Three bad things Zuffa has done to UFC
-- Buyrates for every UFC pay per view from UFC 40 and on
-- Analysis on Zuffa's pay per view success and what they've done right and what they've done wrong
-- Total live attendance for every UFC show under Zuffa
-- What they're very good at with live attendance figures
-- Paid attendance for every UFC show from UFC 40 and on
-- Percentage of free tickets for recent UFC shows
-- Live gate and ticket sales from UFC 40 and on and the most successful UFC live events
-- Comparing pay per view success to live attendance success
-- UFC's success in Las Vegas, and their success at Mandalay Bay
-- UFC's success in New Jersey and at the Mohegan Sun
-- An overview of Zuffa's work with UFC, and what they need to do if they get on free TV

We review the most recent King of the Cage pay per view (tape of their February 20th show from Soboba Casino), and we look at each fight, what KOTC does right and wrong with their pay per views, ideas for improving their pay per views, and if these shows are worth ordering.

We have a huge UFC newswire with a behind-the-scenes look at everything that's gone on inside the promotion in the last month, and also around the globe for MMA.


"Out of all the "insiders" I would have to say you look the closest so far."
-- Dana White, UFC President

"I let in the plane all the K1 fighters read it too... people really like it."
-- Bas Rutten, former UFC Heavyweight champion

"Jeremy, I think you have done the best piece on me so far."
-- Dan Severn, former UFC Superfight champion

"Loved the newsletter... looking forward to the next."
-- Josh Barnett, former UFC Heavyweight champion

"Your biography of Helio Gracie was outstanding, it was one of the most well researched, interesting, and informative biographies I have ever read. For those of you who... don't read Touch of Evil, the best way I know how to describe it is the (Wrestling) Observer for MMA. It looks similar to Observer, and Jeremy's writing style is also very similar to Dave Meltzer's. Likewise, Jeremy's knowledge of the MMA scene is incredible."
-- Karl Stern, pro wrestling historian

"It is a great f'n issue. So much stuff I haven't even read half of it yet."
-- Touch of Evil subscriber Kyle Wolf

"You rival Dave Meltzer's Wrestling Observer newsletter when it comes to research and quality. You're a very good writer."
-- Mauro Ranallo, PRIDE broadcaster


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