MMA Officials Clinic Calgary 3/6!

From the desk of Donald Boswell
Calgary Boxing and Wrestling Commission
On March sixth and seventh the Calgary Boxing and Wrestling Commission will be hosting Mr. Larry Landless to facilitate a Mixed Martial Arts officials clinic. Mr. Landless is a top caliber official, trainer and fighter in the genre of Mixed Martial Arts. The Calgary Commission and its members would like to formally invite individuals through out the industry to participate. The clinic will be a two day affair and will cover all aspects of Mixed Martial Arts officiating. This is part of an ongoing initiative to provide up to date training for Commissions, officials, trainers, coaches, promoters and fighters in this area of expertise. The sport of MMA is constantly changing hence the need for all participants to be reading from the same book so to speak. This clinic will not automatically make a participant a licensed MMA official. Upon completion of the clinic, participants that meet the requirements of the local Commission will be eligible to apply for such a license. The first day will be spent on the technical aspects of the game and day two will be more hands on with mock scenarios in the ring. Fighters are encouraged to participate making this component as realistic as possible. The Calgary Boxing and Wrestling Commission looks forward to continuing advancement such as these in an effort to ensure pugilistic sports have a bright future in Canada. Please get involved, participate and be pro active in supporting Mixed Martial Arts.  To reserve a spot please contact Mr. Don Patrician at (403) 268-5218, out of town participant please reserve a spot quickly so hotel arrangements can be made. The clinic will be held at the National Sports Development Center, 7475 Flint Road SE. Saturday the clinic will run from 9:00 am 5:00 pm, Sunday from 9:00 am 1:00 pm. The price of the clinic will be $65.00 per participant.   

Excellent news!!!

This is great news indeed. Joe, have you made our
officials aware of this or were you thinking about it?
They might learn from this event.

Then again, maybe not.



Which officials bro? When you say ours, are you talking about Ontario? Quebec?

Yes Joe, Ontario I meant. I know they (our Ontario
officials) know of the situation(s) in other
provinces such as Quebec, BC, Alberta, Manitoba,
Sask with respect to MMA and how hard you (and
possibly others) are trying to educate them to
eventually have it legalized, but this MMA Clinic
in general is a good way to further educate them
(they seem not to want to be educated - I have read
your comments on your website and in your mag about
your plight).

Your story about how you've been 'round and round' etc
with them is disheartening to say the least. Seems
if the info they require isn't falling on deaf ears
alone, then they have a game of 'pass-the-buck'.

I just figured if they were made aware of this
particular clinic taking place (the more info relating
to mma that's crammed-down their throats so-to-speak),
the less likely they will or can run from the demands
that are put upon them.

You're bang on my friend. I think the only way they will go is if they are mandated too by the commission. But the commission refuses to even 'listen' or 'read' any proposals for MMA, there's no point in having 'their' referee's learn the rules of MMA.

This is the frustrating part of it all. But then again, once ready to go, we can have Larry Landless come to Ontario when it's all said and done...heck, even Yves Lavigne is good enough for me.

Whats the chance we can roll with Larry. He trains both Charlie Valencia and Joe Camacho.

Is this license only going to be recognized in Alberta?



In regards to the Alberta officials only, what other "requirements of the local Commission" will participants have to meet? After meeting all requirements will participants then be "licensed" officials? Subsequently, will there be more "sanctioned" events [in Alberta]? Take care, All!


I would think you can ask those questions to the number listed. Don Patrician