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Last night on WGNX 46 news which is channel 9 for me on Comcast did a piece on MMA. If you were at the last fight party you might have noticed the TV film crew that was at the rules meeting and at the fights also. The piece talked to a fan who said she was there to see fights and blood. Then they interviewed Paul Creighton UFC veteran and he talked about the safety and then they interviewed Jeff Bedard and he said he has been injured more in wrestling than his professional fights. The piece also interviewed Brett Moses who talked about how the boxing commision ignored us for years and now that their revenue is down they suddenly seem interested in our sport. It also talked about how MMA is not a no rules sport anymore and showed Cam briefing the fighters in the rules meeting. There was also an interview with one of Tiger's fighters talking about how you can quit at anytime with the tap. The piece ended at the Tiger acadamy and they did a demonstration of a rear naked and the reporter talked about how he just got choked out but is ready to go again and has no black eyes like boxing.

It was a really fair and positive piece for the sport. I will put up the TV stations website later so we can email them and tell how much we liked the piece.


Here is the website for the TV station.

The video for the story is on the website linked, its under featured videos and its "Special Report: Ultimate Fighting"

that is really good to hear, Brett put on a great event and I look forward to being part of it again

excellent work dock



Nice to see Brett Moses, Juan Guavera, Eddie Camden (coaching Juan in the demonstration with the reporter), Jeff Bedard, Paul Creighton and Cam very well spoken. Probably the most positive news story I've seen, and damn the new Tiger Academy looks nice!


I think the fight in the dojo with the commentator was a "work". Hey was kool to even see the guy drop the mic and attempt to roll

Nice report

Let's all make sure to email the news manager and thak him for the positive report!!

I'm calling work on that fight too.

Anyone have the e-mail of the news manager?


Gator, explain the alphabet soup of boxing, I never heard that before & really want to know what it means. Plus I don't understand the watering down titles part either so you might as well explain that too...... LOL, sorry, it's the only way I'll learn........... sheesh...... :-)

Sinister Minister, why would Tom Mishou make it harder for fighters to fight, is because he wants it regulated?Who is he? Isn't he a fan of MMA? What is regulated? Is it like being sanctioned? And isn't MMA already sanctioned? *still on a learning quest*

Oh sheesh, whenever John Ruiz is on, I run for snacks..... he is soooo boring........ isn't the IBO, IBC, ect, about the same as what we have now, UFC WEC, IFC, ect"?

OK, why can't MMA take fighters who no longer fight & create our own governing board?? MMA Commissioners? Same with Judges? Who better understands the technical stuff of MMA?

Wouldn't this be a solution?

Gator, I know we have discussed this before but I still don't see how you think by promotors paying more in sanctioning fees how that will put more money in the fighters pockets, it will take away money from fighters by leaving less left over after cost for the promotor not to mention make less opportunities to make money for the fighers because of the decrease in shows. Sanctioning by the commisssion will not bring out any more fans to shows to cover the increase in cost.


OK... let me clear up some things...

When Mishou mentioned "an event that was rumored to not have insurance" he was referring directly to Waller's last event in Macon, the SFO X. He couldn't mention any names because he was sent a "cease and desist" letter by Gauntlet Production's lawyer to stop slandering Waller because it was not true... Matthew DID have insurance. It is required by the ISCF. Mishou KNEW what he was saying was false and said it anyway because he thinks it helps his stance, although it makes him look foolish because now everyone KNOWS he is a blatant liar. As a matter of fact, if I was Waller, I would seek further legal action after seeing Mishou make that statement AFTER being sent the "cease and desist" letter.

The Boxing commission wants power and $$$$. That is the only reason they want to take over MMA in GA. The MMA contingency does NOT want boxing officials overseeing MMA. They give us uneducated MMA refs and judges that know NOTHING about the sport. They will also raise the sanctioning fees so high that only promoters who are "in the back pocket" of the commission (read: fees will be waived) will be able to promote. This will drastically reduce the number of shows and in turn the amount of fights available for fighters. No more Brett Moses or Matthew Waller shows. Only shows promoted by convicted felons in league with the commission will be happening in GA.

MMA (under the ISCF) has improved in leaps and bounds over the past few years in GA. Insurance is required under ISCF sanctioning. Fighters get paid under ISCF sanctioning. ISCF has officials in place that are MMA educated including reps, judges and referees. We have an MMA show in GA an average of once evey 3 weeks. If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it.

Momita says-

"OK, why can't MMA take fighters who no longer fight & create our own governing board?? MMA Commissioners? Same with Judges? Who better understands the technical stuff of MMA? "

Look no further than

The ISCF has been a godsend to MMA in GA. A lot of promoters shy away from an outside, impartial sanctioning body because they don't want to be policed by outsiders. Sad thing is, that's exactly what MMA needs. We need to get more people on the ISCF bandwagon. People educated in MMA overseeing MMA. How simple is that?


Great News, Thanks............

Orion, we need to push this ISCF then, maybe this is what has been holding us back?? How do we do it?