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First we have to get promoters interested in using an outside impartial sanctioning body. The sad thing is that most MMA promoters don't want an outside org. policing them.

We need to get ISCF reps in all of the states (which there are reps in quite a few already) and the org will slowly grow.

It just needs support.

I can count on both hands the amount of times in the past 2 years someone has come on here with the great idea of starting up an MMA sanctioning body. Each time it was pointed out that the ISCF was already in existence, that all that was needed was to support it. The problem is that there are many promoters that are out to screw over fighters and for these shady promoters it's all about the $$$. That's why they don't want to be policed by outside parties and they want to form their own sanctioning body so they make $$$$$.

I will say it again.... The ISCF has been a godsend in the state of GA. The benefits are too numerous to count. We just have to get more legit promoters on the bandwagon.



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you pay the ISCF the same reason that boxing events pay the Boxing Commission.


OK.... to clear up a few more things...

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Now, concerning legalities of MMA in GA and the ISCF... this is the abridged version and the entire story can be found on the ISCF web page. So... to keep it short and simple...

A few years ago the UFC was coming to Augusta. The "Powers That Be" in Augusta tried to have it shut down. Mike Carlson went to bat for MMA and the UFC went on as planned. After that a few more incidences happened in GA and the "Powers That Be" set out to make MMA illegal altogether in the state of GA. Carlson went to bat for us again and got wording added to the legislation that IF MMA was sanctioned by the ISCF that it would be legal.

Since then we have had to go to bat every year to fight legislation change. There are certain promoters who have been denied sanctioning by the ISCF in GA (no names but they were denied for good reasons) and these promoters keep trying to tear down the ISCF. They charge that ISCF is a monopoly and that other sanctioning orgs should be let in to sanction in GA.

Last year there was a bill going through that would have allowed this so Carlson once again went to bat and got the wording changed so that other sanctioning bodies would be allowed but that NO CONVICTED FELON WOULD BE ALLOWED TO PROMOTE IN GA. As soon as that clause was added the other side stopped pursuing change in the legislation. Seems it wasn't about a monopoly at all....

Same thing happened again this year with the boxing commission. The renegade promoters teamed up with the other crooks in the boxing commission to try to take control completely away from the ISCF. This would have raised sanctioning fees to over $5000.00 per show and would have put officials in charge of MMA that had no clue about what MMA is about. Right now we have the most knowledgable people in position to oversee MMA with the ISCF and sanctioning fees are less than $200 a show. If the boxing commission took over only the renegade promoters would be able to put on shows because the commission would waive their fees. This would be payment for their help in getting control away from ISCF. This would drastically reduce the number of shows in GA reducing the opportunities for local fighters. It would also make sure that the only ones promoting MMA in GA were the ones that ISCF were keeping out in the first place to protect the fighters.

ISCF has no problem with other sanctioning bodies coming in. They just want to keep MMA in the hands of people who hold it in their best interests and to protect fighters from crooks and promoters that don't pay the fighters. Trust me, if I was an independent promoter and was coming into GA to do a show, I would gladly pitch the ISCF $150 sanctioning fee and then let them simply take over with their officials and "know how". They run the show and all I have to do is sit back and watch the clockwork.


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When asked if the sport was "too extreme", the boxing commissioner, Tom Mishue, said "close". If it's like that, then why does he want to control it (MONEY)...Kind of funny on the work with the reporter,Fred Powers. He was supposed to let Juan throw him and turn to his back for the rear naked...instead, he froze & resisted and wound up getting thrown on his head. In the middle of it all, his ear piece cut into the inside of his ear from the impact. We were worried for a moment when he got up groggy and bleeding...Ended up okay though. Thanks for the props & support.
Brett Moses

Is ISCF only in Ga or in all the states? Who oversees the legalities of insurance in Cali & other states if their not?

Reason I ask is, awhile back there was an Ed kim mess & haven't heard anything about it getting solved & fighters paid....... would ISCF have been able to prevent this?

"Is ISCF only in Ga or in all the states?"

ISCF is an international organization. They just happen to be part of the MMA legislation in GA.

"Who oversees the legalities of insurance in Cali & other states if their not?"

No one.

"Reason I ask is, awhile back there was an Ed kim mess & haven't heard anything about it getting solved & fighters paid....... would ISCF have been able to prevent this?"

Check out their website for more info on ISCF


It is easy to say that someone has a lot of money and will pay the fighters, but if the money is not in escrow or in an impartial rep's hands and no "impartial" rep has seen the proof of insurance, how do you know that the money is really there to pay the fighters or that there really is insurance? I was Matthew Waller's ISCF rep and I saw his proof of Insurance before the event. Tom Mishue heard a rumor that Matthew had no insurance and he and his associates began running to legislators and spreading it as if it were the gospel. Then, he asked Matthew to present him proof of insurance. First and foremost, Tom had/has no jurisdiction to request anything from MMA. Second, since he had already begun to spread the "disinformation", Matthew's lawyer advised him not to provide Mishue with any information and sent him a cease and desist letter (as did my attorney). Had he asked before spreading the lies, I am sure that Matthew would have been happy to provide him with proof of his insurance.
Just for information sake, any qualified promoter who is willing to provide the proper background information is welcome by ISCF and Georgia. Only two people who have gone through the process have been denied; both with good reason.

I have only heard good things about Matthew Waller, always! I think Matthew should show the guy who did the interview with that smutzball who lied on camera that he did have insurance, won't make it on camera, but it might help him understand how backstabbing & lies is so easy to some people.