MMA on HD packages

Just got HD. Any of these new channels I got showing any MMA? I heard something about an extreme cage fighting showing on one of the HD channels and also Bodog fights or something. I've got Time Warner HD.

The next UFC ppv will be offered in HD (i think they said it will be $10 more). Other than that not really sure. one of the comcast hd channels show random mma show late at night sometimes (UFC 52, IFC Global Domination...)

WEC is shown on HDnet. they just had a show on friday night. it was a best of show. pretty cool.

most of the mma shows are shown really late/early in the morning. they were showing the HammerHouse vs Gracie fights a few weeks ago on time warner. good luck man

Are you serious about them charging $10 more for HD UFC PPVs? That would be really shitty.

They better not charge more.

I dont believe that Comcast inHD has shown a UFC,KOTC,K1,or IFC show in about 6 months.Thats the only reason that I have not subscribed to it.

$10 more ?

Might need my guest to pitch in for now on

You haven't seen MMA, if you haven't watched it in HD.