MMA or BJJ in Maine?

My brother is going to maine, I think near Lewiston, for work for five weeks. He'll be bored with nothing to do at night, other than beer & strip clubs.

He's wondering if there's anywhere he can get some training in at while he's there.


He wants to hit Jay Jack's joint.

It's only like a 30 minute drive from Lewiston.

Jay Kack's is a good place. Jays good and Mike Brown trains there during the week i think.

For straight BJJ check out Aaron Blake's school in Boothbay Harbor.


as for other things to do in my homestate, there is a saying we have:

"Ain't much to do in Maine but fish and fuck... and the fishin' ain't so good."

ttt for Maine fishing

I think there might also be something in Portland. Total Martial Arts. Not sure of a website or how legit they are.

You can have the fishing K3YLOCK, I prefer the other activity.

if i was in maine i would train with jay jack

glock4life- Your bro's welcome to train here while he's in town. I live right outside Lewiston, it's not that far a drive. Mike does train here, as well as Amanda Buckner. We've got mostly newer people but he should be able to get some good work in. Hope to see you soon. Thanks to everyone for the referals. Check our website for the contact info. Jay Jack


how experienced is he? I'm sure all the above places are really good, but if he wants to drive a little further, Aaron Blake has an affiliated school in Farmington about an hour's drive north. We have a good group of guys, good instruction and great people to roll with. T, TH & Sun 5:30-7:30

Maine is a beatiful state, and surprisingly we have about 6 schools that I know of. One in Old Orchard Beach, 2 in Portland, one in Boothbay Harbor, one as mentioned in Farmington and one in Bangor (Tim Sylvia used to train there)


Thanks for the replies fellas! As far as his experience goes, he's only been training in grappling for about 6 months.

I'm calling him today to give him the options, and hopefully he don't sit on his ass in the hotel room after work.