MMA or BJJ schools near Stuart

I currently train at BMAC Boston in BJJ, Muay Thai, etc. but my wife and I are moving to the Stuart area by the middle of August. Can you guys give ma a list of schools in a 30 minute radius for vale tudo or BJJ. I currently fight a little but I'm 37 so I may lean more towards a BJJ focused school but I'm open and want to train with the best that I can,

Thanks! David Pasquarelli

The Armory, home of Hermes Franca and Kurt Pellegrino. Appx 20 minutes from Stuart area, depending where in Stuart you are.

We have 5 BJJ blackbelts on staff and on the mat almost all the time training. 11000 sq ft of training area. Cage, Hammer Strength Weight Trianing facility, Heavy bags, etc....

Armory, Thanks for the reply. I saw your website and it looks great, I would be stoked to train under Hermes, Pelegrino and the others. What is the monthly cost or what are some packages? Please feel free to e-mail me at

I appreciate the info. if it's not to much to ask.


DPASQ, dude you can't go wrong with training at the Armory, lots of talent and great bunch of guys.

I will definitely check out the Armory and I know of Din Thomas' ATT school in PSL, my wife will be working at Jensen BEach High so we may be up that way. Anyplace else to check out? I am sure they are all excellent, I just want to see where is the best fit for me.