MMA or No-Gi in Destin/Ft.Walton area?

Will be in Destin/Ft. Walton beach area Aug 4-8 and looking to train possibly 2 of those days.Anyone know where to train?

I vacationed there a couple years ago, I looked but couldn't find anything Phone Post


i met you a few times at the ffc shows in biloxi - lee and rob used to have me sew guys up afterwards (including melvin).

best place i know of in destin/fwb is capitao mma, run by danny ruiz, a black belt under de la riva.

(850) 937-7017. if that does not work send me a message and i will get you his cell.

hope that helps.

Thanks.I am looking to do some grappling/wrestling and bag or mitt work.May be competing again so need to stay active on vacation.

Have to recommend Capitao. FWB/Destin is our preferred beach just because we get to train at Danny's.

Great! I emailed Danny.I'm looking to find someone, either instructor or student, to train with for about an hour and a half during off hours ideally so I can get back to the family.