MMA: Penn Vs Pulver.....

....I had a dream the other about Penn Vs Pulver 2 I quess. I can hardly remember it but I remember Penn dominating. Penn mounted Pulver, Good GnP, and I think he ended with a choke...for some reason I recall a guilletine(sp)...

anyway this provoked me to want to post on this fight....

I feel BJ Penn has improved his game in very dynamic ways...something happened to him after the 2nd Uno fight....but when he fought Gomi he beat him up, beat and choked Hughes, and Ludwig. Im so very pleasently impressed with BJ Penn and his new explosive and always going for finish hes finishin and not afraid to attack on the ground....

On the flip side of the coin we have Jens Pulver....great hands...powerful accurate snapping punches make him deadly stand up....good sprawl...good ground defense....ect...
in a rematch I honestly think Penn could take Pulver.....

this is up for discussion now.....have fun....contribute when im back online....

oh yea Penn rd 3 RNC...

I would take Pulver by a dominant left cross for the kayo. He is in BJ's head.

Who is this BJ Penn you speak of, isn't he the kid Jens just absolutely dominated in Conn. one January night? Jens is at another level, watch his last fight and tell me that he hasn't evolved into a fighter that can simply do it all. He boxes pro and wins, he competes at NAGA against a BJJ blackbelt and wins, he fights in Shooto as a 143lb. shitstorm and wins. He is just better than BJ all around and if they fought again it would only be worse for BJ because Jens boxing and grappling have gotten frighteningly better. Penn may have improved too, but Jens has too much ground on him to begin with. It's like Secretariat in the Belmont, the best. Penn is just an also ran.

I think Jens is in his head in a big way. That, combined with Jens' huge heart and will to win will be the prevailing factors in a second win for Jens, should the fight take place.

I wonder.. if Zuffa put their politics aside could they have gotten Pulver vs. Penn II for the same money as Shamrock vs. Kimo II.
No doubt the former would sell more tix than the latter.

Dominated? Dunno if I'd go that far.

If there were 5 more seconds in that one round, BJ would've ripped his arm off.

BJ is just finally starting to get some experience. Pulver had way more fights at that stage, a kickboxer told me that it usually takes guys about 10-12 fights until they really start getting their style and mindset down. Before that, they're all still really nervous.

i agree with Abel.

After fight after fight where he's supposed to lose and doesn't and 2 where he's supposed to win (but doesn't), I've learned that when Jens isn't supposed to win, he does.

Jens via decision again. When's the last time Jens was tapped? The last one I recall was against Thomas and that was something like 4 years ago and before he really hit his stride.

jens is right handed, so no left cross. on the other hand....the left hook can be a monster.

mongo you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground Jens fights in a southpaw stance hence there is a left cross.

you tell em Yelm!

I had a dream the other night that Penn was fucking my ex, it was one of the most vivid dreams I've ever had... I think Matt Hughes loss affected me in a deeply profound way.

which NAGA did Jens fight in and against whom?

the last ne and it was Parrumpha (sp).

"jens is right handed"

Jens is literally left handed right? From writing, throwing and punching - doesn't he do those things left handed?

He could be doing the Robbie Lawler thing but he definitely stnads southpaw.

Its sad that we won't ever get to see this one in the UFC where it belongs and started.

I just listened to the MMAWEEKLY radio show...where jens briefly discussed his interaction with BJ at the Ballagio. I think BJ was trying to entice Pulver to want the fight, and it worked. Pulver talked shit about BJ, calling him a "fake hawaiian". Ryan Bennet said "look at you, all confident..." and Pulver said "No, not confident...I'm just mad!". Pulver is reacting emotionally. He's getting cocky. The last time he was really cocky, he got knocked out by Duane Ludwig. I think Pulver thrives on confidence, like a lot of fighters, but it does not suit him to be cocky. I think that is his downfall.

I now think that BJ is in Pulver's head. He dominated Hughes, who I imagine probably dominates Pulver in training. I definitely DON'T think that Pulver dominated BJ in their fight.

Also, I think BJ has matured as a fighter a lot since the 2nd Uno fight. The aggressiveness is there, which is what he was NOW he has more wrestling skill after his stint with Team Quest.

Pulver's only skill that is greater than BJ's is with punching...and BJ has proven to be able to take punches and keep going...not to mention throw leather back.

I respect both fighters. I like Pulver and Penn for various reasons. They both have their flaws. The only way Penn will lose is if his mind is the same as when he fought Uno the 2nd time.

Jens is a tough fight for BJ but I don't think he is in BJ's head as much as everyone thinks. He realizes he could have won that first fight and that he just about had the arm lock and could have ended the fight there, plus he beat Pulvers bigger better teammate. BJ's confidence is super high right now and I don't think anything is in his head right now.