MMA physical training site

Who here would be interested in a site, where we discuss the physical training aspects of making us better fighters? It will be a free forum, but i would charge much like Rodney does for 1 on 1 consultation. Supplements and diet would be discussed as well.

I was just wondering what some of your thoughts would be.

Who are you?

I am new here. My name is Cassidy Drake I trained in traditional arts for the past seven years until about six months ago. I now run a wrestling/boxing class on a military base, and I do personal training as well.

I am just someone interested in the SBG way of doing things, and someone very well versed in Physical training looking to help others find there goals.

Come on guys, lots of views, but no opinions. I would accept good or bad opinions. I would really like to here what everyone thinks.

As similar sites already exist that serve the stated needs I would have to see what you have to offer before any comment would be appropriate.

My 2 cents is that there are better sources around than someone that has been involved in MMA for 6 months. The level of info available of this forum the S&C forum, scrappers site, T-mag, westsides site etc etc etc for free make your offer a little unnecasary. But thanks for the offer.

Adam Singer

That is understood. However I have been a personal trainer for 12 years, I wrestled in High school and junior college. So it is not as if I am unexperianced in the matter. The westside lifting program is not a athlete lifting style per-se if we are talking about the westside powerlifting style that is.

I looked at the S&C forum and it does not really have that much good information, so I will start contributing there as well.

As far as westside I am speaking about the tier as well as the modified versions used by college and pro teams with great success. The Defranco version used with many highschool and college athletes of all types. Simmion's work with Randelman. And Christian Thibaudeau's versions as part of his pendullum system.

Mr. Drake please lay out some of your philosophys for training combat ahtletes.

Mr. Singer, which philosophies would you like to know? Diet, supplementation, or none there of, physical exercises? Which part, and I wil begin.

anything bro. LEts start with integration of training (skill work etc) and conditioning.

Sounds interesting.

Good choice Liam. I would like to see your thoughts on crossover effects from S&C work to actual sport.


Ok for beginners, lets take a "aliveness" look at S&C work the way that Matt and some of you guys look at your Martial arts training. Now as you guys have stated in numerous threads and forums, there is no reason to train in dead patterns. I take the same approach with S&C training.

There would be no benifit for someone who competes in MMA events to perform, preacher curls, or sitting shoulder presses, or decline bench presses, or any other "dead" lifting movement. Hoever hang cleans, push presses, dumbell swings, dumbell cleans, spider walkovers, and plyometrics, can all improve a fighters capability.

How so you ask well for me it is simple. I watch Rodney boxing kick boxing tapes, and for a man who is most likely around 185 pounds, he is very explosive at the point of impact. How, well prper technique of course, and I am fairly sure that his core strength, and brute strength is very good.

A bench press is a great movement for a Bodybuilder or powerlifter, but it doesn't really do much for the functionalism of a MMA'er, where as a push press, which work s almost the entire body, goes along almost identical body motions as a suplex, or bodyslam for a wrestler, not to mention how it strengthens his core.

Take shrugs for instance, howe much will 3 sets of 8-12 repititions help a Wrestler or judo/BJJ competitior? Well actually it won't help much at all.


Much like long distance running. Nothing is greater for aerobic training, than the actual event itself. HIIT training would be good, HIT such as fifteen minutes of your maximum capacity would be good as well.

lifting with 60second intervals of sprints would be good as well.

If you guys want me to expand any further on anything else, I would love to.

Some of this information is wrong, and none of it is new.

Don't take offence but its like stumbling into a nhb forum and informing them that they need to incorporate both grappling AND striking into their training. (And then offering them a pay-for cosulting option).

Its been said, there are better forums for this, in fact the strength and conditioning forum here used to at least get the basics right, which is more than can be said for most.


What is wrong? And do you have reasoning to back it up?

I don't push my views on anyone, however, I will help those in need as I already have started doing and I have charged no one anything, in fact the site will be basically free, except for very in depth help.

You can do any subject and say it has all been presented before, however the way of doing things can always be adjusted, for better performance.

As I stated I would like proof as to what is wrong. And valid proof, that it is.

Cassidy Drake, I am always interested in hearing peoples other ideas. And I am sure many others are as well. So please don't be discouraged. I am going to be offline for a bit as I am overseas, but when I arrive home I will look forward to reading what you have to say.

take care
-Matt Thornton

I understand that Matt. I have e-mailed you a couple times. I am not discouraged, just sort of bewildered is all. But I am sure you had the same situations with getting Ma'ist to believe in aliveness.

Thanks for the kind words.


So Matt is right, I should not discourage you, so let me try and put this in a positive light.

You are trying to draw a parallel between a biomechanical motion and a particular exercise. You are trying to design an exercise, such as a isometric shrug to mimic a rear naked choke. Where the shortfall in your thinking is that you are not looking at the science behind the motion. The reason this particular example is flawed, is that muscle composition can be altered through particular exercises, and prolonged isometrics will actually promote Type I muscle composition, which is NOT an ideal situation for a fighter at all.

Can I back up my claim ?. Of course. A brief quote from one of many peer reviewed studies on the subject "Near maximal and explosive resistance training also produce greater hypertrophy of FT fibre's" (Hakkinen, 1985). This is a short extract. I would suggest "Supertraining, Siff & Verkhoshansky" as a great book to get a good grounding.

Happy reading !


I understand where you are coming from, I didn't take any of it personal. My shrug point was more of a endurance point than anything such as a static hold. But i see your valid point as well. People disagreeing with certain factions of the game will not discourage me. I already have two seminras set up to teach, and it will only grow from there.

Thank you for your time, and I will have to check out that book.