MMA Popularity Data?

Does anyone have hard numbers to back up how popular MMA is right
now? Exact figures for TUF? Attendance at UFCs? PPV numbers?

I have a feeling that the sport is exploding, but mostly due to everyone at
my gym knowing what it is. I would love to read some hard numbers?

MMAWeekly radio show said the last couple PPV buys have been over 300k which is amazing

Ultimate Fighting Championship was the 2nd most popular search on yahoo last week:

Thanks guys! Those are all good :-)

My personal research shows that basically NO adult knows about MMA whatsoever and the OCCASIONAL 15 year old boy that comes walking in has seen TUF and 5 or less UFC's

so no, i dont believe its popular at all... regardless of how many washed up loser, B level celebs show up in vegas... remember, those Celebs are in vegas anyway and just need something to do that night


I to would be interested

How many paying members does have?

Just curious!

Well unfortunatly I found out that the Iowa Senate, Athletic
Comissioner, and Omaha Fox 42 News team have no idea what it is...
Even though its been legally sanctioned by the state for over eight


Boy Kirik,

You are up to something with all these threads...

I have the numbers you seek.


How many paying members does have?
Just curious!

An excellent questions as well.

Loretta--can I get the same numbers? Please?

I'll do some westlaw research for you or something.

Loretta or Kirik...would you be so nice as to forward me that information as well~

could use that in a media kit

Pretty please either of you two as well?

I will repay with information/research in kind!

If its public knowledge then why not just post it here?

It has exploded in the NE Ohio area. No one used to know about it but now everywhere i go you will see a shirt or hear people talking.

Loretta..Did you get the email?

Saw UFC ads for the last event on the SPANISH CHANNEL and on ESPN//////thats exposure coming to the forefront.

I openend up the paper and found out which dog won the big show in the US and turned on CNN and there was the story about the same dog...never once read in any newspaper the results of any UFC...damn!

Kirik, Get the fuck outa here, you have the best indicator of how the sport is growing. Have you seen an increased number of registrations lately? How many? Im really curious,... Thanks!