MMA posters & collectables ROCKS!

MMA posters & collectables is AWESOME! I have just done business with them for the first time and it was great! They have a large selection of rare MMA posters & collectables, and they have excellent service. I recommend that everyone checks out this website if they are ever looking for MMA memorabilia.

Yeah I just got a shipment from them, good service and nice shtuff.

ttt, looks like some cool stuff. Though somewhere on there I read action figures, but then I couldn't find any. Maybe they don't have them yet.


Thanks for the props guys, much appreciated!



Bradu, I'll be getting some Pride action figures shortly - they'll be listed under the "MMA Programs, Passes, etc" page when I have them in stock. Is there one in particular you've been wanting to get?

cool site

yeah, I checked for the figures then just saw your post there, gumper


I want sakuraba

and I want that gracie/taktarov poster...but not for that price ;)


not really, I've just always got a kick out of action figures. Sooner or later I'll probably get a couple.


I've never been big on the figures either, but I've been looking at the Vanderlei Silva figures, and they are actually pretty amazing. The detail is very cool.

I think I'll try to get a few and put them on the site in case anyone wants them.


Great site.

I love the Rampage poster I will probably order it.

I sent an e-mail to see if they had the poster in stock and I received an e-mail back a couple hours later, great service!


Timmydome: I just put some new items up on the site - check them out! Here's the link:

MMA Posters and Collectables


We just added a few posters to the site from Japan, including a Pride Bushido 4 Mirko Crocop poster that is very cool....for anyone that may be interested...


For anyone looking for the Crocop Bushido posters, we're sold out, and they sold out in Japan as well. It looks like that one could be valuable as they didn't print very many...

Just added about 15 new items to the site including Pride programs, posters, passes, etc. Lot's of good stuff! The link to the site is two posts above this one..