MMA Posters fully loaded

I just got a large shipment from Japan. Posters from Pride 5, 7, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 25, 26, 2005 Grand Prix, 2000 Grand Prix (2 rare versions), Bushido 3, 4, and a lot more.

I also have factory sealed boxes of Pride cards - as FP noted, these are sold out throughout Japan, as are ALL posters on the Pride Japan website.

I'll have everything added to the site tonight...

Here's the link for those that don't have it:

sweet, Bushido 4 is one of the ones I'm missing I believe

Hey Grizz, unless "sweet" = 300 canadian clams, youre shit outta luck man.....

Cam, I thought you were holding the GP 2000's for me???..............................FP

I've got plenty of beaver pelts and smoked salmon to barter with FP, dont worry about me

FP: Aren't you supposed to be enjoying some quality time with the family? I'm listing everything right now on the site, should be up in an hour or so.

Finally somebody with a fucking sense of humor around here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hear ya Grizz.......FP

Alright, I just finished listing some stuff, and I have a few more things to add over the weekend. I always try to avoid pre-selling anything, but the Bushido 3 (dude on the mountain), is being held for a fellow Canadian (JK) if he still wants it, and the black Grand Prix 2000 is going to FP. The rest is fair game.


you gots mail Cam

Grizz, someone beat you to the punch, by about a minute. I'll mark the ones that have sold on the site then I'm hitting the sack...

hey Grizz, which Bushido's do you have already?.....FP


some full size, some smaller

I just added a page to the site regarding the Pride FC collector cards. If anyone has any additional information on the series that I could add, or if I have any information wrong, please let me know. Sometimes Japanese doesn't translate cleanly to English...

And, does anyone have any of the black "genuine" autograph cards?

Here's the link to the page:

***If anyone has any additional information on the series that I could add***

Yeah, buy these now before they are gone forever!..............bye-bye bitches!.......FP

some amazing stuff there. Good thing I got a birthday coming up in not too long :)

Just made a few price adjustments and added a UFC 28 poster to the site...


Some of the Pride stuff was lowered a bit, but the Strikeforce went up $5 - that was a great fight last night....