MMA = Pro Athletes = Dress code?

Should MMA fighters lose the fight gear wear and go like GSP and wear suits?


Not that we don't have enough fightwear companies.


Worst discussion evah...

First pro fighter I saw that dressed professional was Mark Hominick.

That's because Mark is a pro. He's all business when it comes to the fight game.

So is GSP. He says he wants to be seen as a legit sport like pro football and basketball. That is why he dresses like a pro athlete at press functions etc.

in japan most of the K1 fighters dress with nice the UFC they dress like Hyppie hardrocker...except fot gsp

I agree. Fighters should wear suits at appropriate events (i.e. press conference).

I definitely agree with guys like GSP who dress nice for the press. Even just at the local scene, I always wear nice clothes to the weighins and after my fights. Even college kids -- and really most high school athletes-- understand and do this. It kinda pathetic that we as professional athletes aren't.

I don't get paid enough to not wear my sponsors whenever possible. They like me more when I am photographed in their shit outside of the cage.

I like the suit aspect at weigh-ins, post fight press conference, etc., in Japan.

I had known of the US circuit where fighters wore sweats, hoodies, t-shirts, shorts, etc., for several years before seeing a Japanese promotion.

With that said, it's my understanding many US pro fighters are paid sponsorship monies for wearing fight gear. You see it post fight, before the interview, the fighters anxiously gesture to their corners for a shirt and/or hat.

lol have you seen dana at press conferences in his white tee?

what point is there in wearing suits when the damn president can't even put a real shirt on

well if you want nice dressed professionals, then watch a professional sport.

MMA = redheaded step child of sports and all MMA fans are considered the douches of the athletic world.

MMA athletes only dress the part :p

If they want more money they should start wearing suits. People tend to take a suit more seriously.

I would not wear a suit to weigh-ins. Primarily because of the time factor. I usually am just out of the sauna when I get to weigh-ins. If we are late, we are fined. Post-fight presser: suit would be proper. They just never invite me.

I think pro's should dress well for press conferences, not weigh ins.

But, I also see it from the flip side from a fighters stand point that might not be making the chips yet......they need to wear their sponsors as much as possible.

But, it is a pro sport so fighters should dress smart for press conferences.

GSP aint no Akiyama thats for sure!

I think a LACK of dress code is what makes everyone look at the sport as a bunch of dirtbags with tattoos and attitudes throwing down.

I'm all for a dress code. If you are a PROFESSIONAL, you need to LOOK like a professional, even if you sure as hell, most of the time, don't act like one.

It comes down to which image you want MMA and yourself as a MMA fighter, to have.

If you want MMA to be a underground sport for lowlifes, semi-criminals,  punks and kids. Then go with the gangsta dress style (preferably with a pornstar at your arm).

Im not trying to offend anyone, only stating the image it gives to the big public.

If you want it  seen as a serious sport (and a you a serious athlete), then dress (and behave) as if is is a serious sport. That means suit and tie.