MMA Pro Sports “Super Star” Fight Glove

Initially I was thinking of the "Bang Guard" glove as it has 3 layers of padding and it comes in BLUE. After trying both models on, however, I got the Super Star model (with 2 layers of padding) as it was easier to make a fist. The “Super Star” is the one I’ve seen worn by fighters in Fury FC events in Brazil.

What I immediately noticed about these gloves was how the concave knuckle padding formed to my fist. The inside of the gloves are lined with neoprene, which is a good thing when taking them on-and-off while sweaty. I compared them to similar gloves by Combat Sports that had a concaved knuckle pad, but the Super Star gloves appear to be of a higher overall quality.

I suppose the dual Velcro wrist strap system would make it easier to get hands in if you wore wraps. I do not wear wraps so this feature is neither good nor bad for me. I think that the Ouano gloves’ wrist strap gives more wrist support, but again, neither good nor bad at this point.

In my first training session, we went a few rounds each on the heavy bag, stand-up sparring drills, Thai pads and kicking shields. The gloves felt good from the beginning. They don’t seem to need any break in period because I could make a natural tight fist easily and there was no soreness in the web of my fingers like with other new leather MMA gloves I’ve broken in.

I didn’t get to grapple with these yet, but I’ll report back in a month or so when I’ve had more time to use them and have had more time with them. So far, I think I made a good choice.

Cool, thanks.

Yesterday, I used the gloves for the second time.

Our class included grappling as we practiced a few sweep techniques, drilled passing the guard w/ground-n-pound, then striking heavy bag on the floor.

The gloves felt comfortable gripping the opponent’s wrists with the open palms. Again, it’s only the second time to use these gloves and there is no unnatural effort required to open and close my hands as I grip the opponent’s wrist, let go and then punch.

I really like the gloves at this point.

So it's been about a month now and I've used these gloves in 11 training sessions. I like them and would recommend them for poeple who do MMA or even karate training. Good curved padding that forms to your fist and easy to get on and off. Almost no break-in period.

The dual velcro adjustment system on the wrist makes it easier to get your hand in and out of once your hands are sweaty, like when you are changing gloves during training. The neopreme insides are good keeping the sweat off your hands as well.

this is pretty much a fairtex glove?

No, not the same as Fairtex (but another top MMA glove IMO). The MMA Pro Sports is more conformed. I remember Fairtex being of a stiffer leather. Now I gotta try one on again. I've never trained with a Fairtex glove though.It's been about 3 months of 2-3 sessions a week (I sometimes use Twins 16oz)and I still am happy to have purchased these gloves.

After 8 months using these gloves about 2x week, I still like them.

Apparently there was room for improvement: Someone at the gym just got the new ones and they are better- there is a thumb loop instead of a T-strap across the palm and the wrist area has better support, more like a boxing glove.

It's good to see when companies improve on their product.