9-10am PST monday - friday

trigg and gorgeous george along with goze from myspace and his

come listen and interact in the chatroom.




whatcha got in mind?



trigg and gorgeous george should be on the MMAWeekly Radio Network!

From: Tim Spagnola

Date: 04/24/07 11:51 AM
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trigg and gorgeous george should be on the MMAWeekly Radio Network!

we tried. just couldn't work it out. would've been great, show in the
morning and a show at night.

I listened to the show today.

The audio quality was really quite good.

I didn't get to listen to the whole show but do you guys have call-ins? If so, can people hear Trigg when they call?

our phone system should be up by today or at the very worst, the end of this week.

out quality is near cd. we never get complaints on buffering.

you can harass trigg in the combat chat, it's our chatroom where many people hang out while we broadcast. michael guymon "the joker" is in there sometimes, as is trigg, goze and many others.

show will be on in 20 mins.

also, archives are always up within minutes of the show ending.

We would have liked to get them on Knockoutradio but they had signed a deal already!

Today's archive doesn't appear to work. Has it not been put up yet?

Is this the same Gorgeous George that dated Macho Man Randy Savage
and then made a tape of herself masturbating?

Frank Trigg Returns to Morning Radio with Daily MMA Show

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) April 25, 2007 -- TAGG RADIO, an Internet
based radio station featuring former UFC top ten fighter and current
Fox Sports broadcaster, Frank Trigg, successfully launched earlier this
month, giving Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fans something to talk about.

With quality in-depth fighter interviews, combined with listener call-ins
and a live chat room, TAGG RADIO is quickly becoming the voice for
fighters and fight fans alike. "MMA is the fastest growing sport in
America, and we wanted to give MMA enthusiasts a way to express
their passion for the sport," says Co-host Frank Trigg. "Where else can
MMA fans call, write or chat with actual fighters? TAGG RADIO now
gives them that forum."

The show airs daily from 9:00am to 10:00am Pacific Standard Time,
with a no-holds barred, jabbing banter format between Frank Trigg
himself, his sarcastic Co-host, Gorgeous George, and their Executive
Producer ... the infamous Goze of Myspace fame.

We'll talk MMA everyday but we stray off into different topics as well at
times to give it a 'man show' feel

With daily MMA roundups, as well as talking in-depth about the latest
MMA news and rumors, Trigg and company take their listeners behind
the scenes for an informative, insightful, and at many times hilarious
look at what is currently happening in MMA everyday. "We'll talk MMA
everyday but we stray off into different topics as well at times to give it
a 'man show' feel," stated Co-host Gorgeous George.

For more information on TAGG RADIO, visit the website at Of course you can also contact George Garcia at
(714) 612-6224, or via email.

stickman, the archive should be up already.

lowbrow, i'm not as good looking as the chick that dated macho man but i'm not far behind.