MMA radio show: trigg and Hughes?

What happened on MMA weekly radio today? Trigg and Hughes where on, was there any trash talk? Give me the low down people! I about to sign up at MMA weekly so, until then I got you guys to count on!

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It's cool...they were both respectful but also gave feedback on each other's game during their fights in the last UFC. Matt said what he would do differently if he fought BJ a second time.

Trigg was quoted as saying he thinks Charuto is a better fighter and that Charuto was tougher than anyone he fought (including Hughes and Sakurai).

I think he was just saying that to fuck with Hughes. He also said that he pannicked and tapped too quickly with Hughes. I may believe that he may have tapped quicker than he would have had he been more active, like he said but watching that fight again, I dont think there was much chancr for Trigg to escape that.

The other thing is too that Trigg strait up lost the fights to Hughes and Sakurai meaning that they were both able to finish Trigg where Charuto didnt.

Take that for whats its worth...

I must admit I loved the Hughes and Trigg pre fight trash talks clips though.

Great contrast of trash talk styles.

Trigg and Sherk need to fight first.

lol@trigg not being caught in that choke from hughes

also lol@hughes doing something different in a rematch with, duh


stop being stupid.

Matt said WHAT he would do differently.
He didn't simply say that he WOULD fight differently.

Am I the only one that gets sick of the constant "lol@" comments on MMA.TV? I mean, for fucks sake, come up with something more original.

Also...Matt did say that he thinks that Charuto's weakness is his standup game. He said he would like to standup with him if he ever fought him again.