MMA REDEEMED!!!!!!!!!!

I haven't been this happy in a while.

My kod that hapa

^^Much agreed

Most satisfying win I've seen for a while

Great day!!!

in all honestly do you guys notice something very fem about machida like he has movements and shit that dont seem like he controls them the way he moves seems very the ghey


Metro fighting ftw!

From the UG:


Evans is still a man, anyone says otherwise is a hater.

Yeah, but in the end, Lyoto had a bigger boto

Gheym over

yeah hes a man... a man who got his ass beat.

me thinks you only like 1/2 of Machida huh?

i still like rashad. he's not done yet. (except in the lyoto department) would be really cool if he went to study w/ machida.

Machida made my cack hard in a very non-ghey way.

Shoulda seen me bust the karottee reverse punches in the air at the end of the fight. Machida cured my ACL....TROOF!

^-- Did you remember to yell out a "Kiai!"?

No cause I had gas and I was trying to hold in cause had ada people in close proximity to my heinie hole....kinda embarrassing. when I got in my car and farted hard into the seat WHEW!

T M A !!!!!

FCTV808 - T M A !!!!!

tongue my ass??

tap me anally??


I have always gone for rashad but this was the first time I wanted him to lose.

Rashad was by far the best 205lbs IMO but Lyoto made a huge statement and I couldn't be happier. I would love to se Rashad vs. rampage that would be a great fight. Rashad will be around for a while but I don't know who will beat Lyoto.

anyone else spit out their alcoholic drink at the body kick + at the hip punch combo that dropped Evans?

that was straight up horse stance type shit.

maybe we see george kotaka in here now. hes got stupid fast feet.his JJ has the same speed in it too. some solid wrasslin and more jits. makes me not wanna play him anymore

yep, george has a ton of potential. oh lordy