MMA RSS feed with a dozen sites!

For you guys who enjoying reading MMA news and commentary on your BlackBerry, iPhone, or through a feed reader, I have compiled many of the top MMA sites into one RSS feed with truncated descriptions, no images, and sorted by date so you have access to all of the latest news!

Just add this to your feed reader, FireFox Live Bookmarks, or PDA and you'll always have access to news from sites like MMA Junkie, CagePotato, 50z, Fight Opinion, Yahoo Sports, and more!

If you think there are other sites that should be added, please just let me know and I'll check to see if they work. Some sites, like BloodyElbow and MMA Weekly, won't display their feeds nicely with others and can not be used.


Thanks for the bump.

For those (other MMA nerds) who are interested in how this is done - I use Yahoo pipes to build the feed.


Nice, thanks for including us!