MMA Saskatoon Fight Line Up!!

"River City Rumble 5" is proud to anounce the following MMA fight line up for the May 15th show in Saskatoon, held at Marian Graham Collegiate 602 Lenore Dr. Show starts 7:00pm tickets are $25 at the door rush seating.The card will also feature a full line up of Kickboxing and Muay Thai fights. Don't miss this action packed event!

1)Tim Tamaki (CMC/AB) vs John Henderson(Behring/MB) 140-155lbs

2)Wilf Bets (Scheer's/SK) vs Josh Turner(Team Bushido/SK) 140-155lbs

3)Scott Richardson (Scheer's/SK)vs Barry Mckee(The Pas/MB)155-170lbs

4)Jason Lamond (Scheer's/SK)vs Graham Weenk(Team Bushido/SK)140-155lbs

5)Jordan McKay (Scheer's/SK)vs Mike Newton(Sniper/AB)

6)Jason Tatlow (Scheer's/SK)vs Johny Yim(Behring/MB)

7)Lee Larko (CMC/AB) vs Jimmy O'Rourke(The Pas/MB)205&UP

8)Jason Beavis (Scheer's/SK)vs Lawrence Richards(The Pas/MB)170-185lbs

We would like to thank all the teams for supporting this event!We will be holding more MMA shows in the future so for those teams that did not make it on the card this time around we will do our best to get you on the next show!

Thank you,

Troy Scheer


I think Tatlow is now the biggest 155er in Canada... one of at least, unless he's lost tons of size.

He hasn't lost any


Jason Lamond must be big too at 155. When he grappled
here in Ontario he was 165-170 and lean then. Strong
phuker too!

ttt for all the transplanted East Coast fighters.


nice work it. took some time but worth the wait.

Both Lamond and Tatlow are just sticks they both have got on this "leafy greens" kick that Couture does!
I dont know? tofu, green beans and a little dandylion leaf!!!

LowOtis, good to see your patient!!

Thanks for holdin out!

John Yim will be ready to rock!

Should be a good fight.

TTT for Mike Newton, you're going to do awsome!




Who sanctions these fights?

lots of ringshark fights


This will be one kickass event.


Iam sure all the fighters will be bringing their A-Game
come May 15th. Some very even Match ups that could go either way I think it will be a matter who can stick to their game plan and avoid making mistakes!!